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      Dance with Nature is more than just an environmental project. The aim of this project is to invite people to express their love and appreciation of nature though their...
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      All of us use paper, metal, glass and plastic products every day. However, few of us really know the history of the industries that produce them....
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      Every day we all make decisions that have an impact on the environment. That’s why we believe in showcasing pieces of recycled artwork created by local artists...
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Our Story

What we do?


We use art and creativity to inspire, educate and support people who are interested in sharing their love of nature and adopting sustainable choices.


Our Upcoming Project

Eco Shop Art

  We’re looking to partner with Universities and Art Schools across England to showcase  eco artwork from gifted young artists in shopping outlets and supermarkets across England.  After all, this is where most of our shopping choices happen, so what better place to spread our...
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