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Candles, Batteries and Resolutions

No electricity, and therefore no water (water pump works with electricity, obviously…), is what we came
back to after the holidays! Hurray!

IMG_4626It was fun for the first few days to spend the evening in the candle-lit boat, floating on the silent canal… Quite romantic…

But not really!

Because, in the morning, you can’t even brush your teeth or make a cup of tea without starting the engine. So bad!

We moved a few days ago, so we were able to fill up all the bottles we have on board while the engine was running, and there goes our supply of water for the week!

Jokes apart, our batteries are gone. They do not hold the charge. We have solar panels on the roof, that were already there when we bought Noah’s Ark, but they don’t seem to work properly… or at all! Oh and, of course, no refrigeration… we are keeping our food supplies at the front of the boat, in our ‘new fridge’ (a box).

So, in some moments of great frustration, I felt like all the green thinking was thrown out of the window, as I had to start the engine only to fill up some bottles of water… I hope I will be forgiven!

However, there is always a good side, and this time is that I learned so much about batteries… and how to dispose of them: i.e. recycle them, always!

There are various ways of recycling batteries; however, the aim is always the same – recovering the raw material so that it can be used again to make something new. It is so simple, and yet…

Of course, we will have to buy new batteries, but hopefully the fact that we are going to recycle the old ones will minimise the impact on the environment. I am also researching to find a maker that cares about the environment in the production process. Good luck to us!

So here are our New Year resolutions:

-Buy new batteries as soon as possible and make sure they work.

-Check if the solar panels actually work and, if not, fix them or install new ones that will work.

-Be able to have running water most of the time!

For now, goodbye from a candle-lit boat.


Here is a ‘How it’s Made’ on recycling lead batteries