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Eco-friendly Christmas at The Galleria in Hatfield

Our Greener Future will display an environmentally friendly Christmas Tree made from recycled materials in The Galleria in Hatfield on Friday 12th December.

The Christmas Tree project aims to raise greater awareness of the importance of recycling and to actively help the environment. Monika Margrett, founder of Our Greener Future, said:

At this time of year households dispose of 30% more rubbish rather than recycling. With a massive one billion Christmas cards being sent and about 250 tonnes of Christmas trees being thrown away in the UK, we strongly believe that spreading the word about the importance of recycling over this festive season will have a positive impact on the environment.

With strong support from local businesses and a partnership with The Galleria in Hatfield, Monika is very excited about the project.

We are delighted to partner with The Galleria on this project. Their goodwill and support are wonderful and we are very grateful to them. This hugely popular shopping outlet in Hatfield is an ideal home for our Christmas Tree. I would also like to express gratitude to Paul Henry from Wickes and Cathryn Helsby of Earthborn Paints for donating materials, Jackie Martin from WHSmith for providing recycled wrapping paper, and Martin Castle from Castle Joinery for making the main structure of the tree and an information board.

The tree will be made from:
  • the main structure made from MDF – FSC certified,
  • 32 pieces of intricate artwork made from recycled paper, and
  • painted with organic paint.
The size of the installation will be 1m wide and 2m high.
Alongside the Christmas Tree will be an Information Board listing all the recyclable materials used to make the tree and their environmental impact (the amount of water and energy used while manufacturing these products).

The Christmas Tree will be on display on the upper level of The Galleria in Hatfield from 12th December for a period of one month.