Is it really possible to have coffee and tea furniture? It is now.

This spectacular table and chest of drawers are truly unique creations. The main structure of this furniture was made from cardboard. However, the final finish was achieved by applying multiple coats of homemade glue combined with used coffee and tea. 99% of the materials used in the creation of this stunning, functional piece of art are natural, organic or reclaimed.

COST: £10.47




Do you find looking at fields of flowers uplifting?

This artwork was inspired by beautiful summer fields blanketed with flowers. To make this piece, an old metal stand from a local scrap yard was used to create the stems, while the flowers were created from leftover cotton canvas and a pink fabric that came from an old t-shirt. When you move close to this artwork, the metal stems move slightly giving the illusion of the plants swaying in the wind.

COST: £3.00




Do you like the idea of using only sustainable energy in your home?

These mason jar solar lights give plenty of light during the evenings and can be easily charged during the day. They provide a great alternative to conventional lights and are an excellent way to reconnect with nature and maintain healthy circadian rhythm for improved health. With the use of solar energy for light and no heating, this attic is 100% powered by sustainable, solar energy.

COST: £12.98




What do you do with your old magazines? Do you throw them away?

This shiny, durable and stunning looking material can be easily re-used to make many wonderful home accessories. This bowl, made from 100% reclaimed materials, is a great example of how eleven old supermarket recipe magazines, along with a bit of left-over hemp string, can be transformed into a gorgeous bowl.

COST: £0.00




Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food?

You may be surprised to discover that this beautiful tryptic is made from 100% natural materials – including food. Free cardboard was used to create the canvas, and leftover food, which would otherwise have ended up being thrown away, such as the pulp of fruits and vegetables, gave texture and added a splash of stunning, natural looking colours to this artwork.

 With the exception of the cardboard, all the other materials in this artwork are edible.

COST: £0.45



Arti Do you have a pet, or would you like to have one?

The Green Attic has a pet, his name is Arti. He is made from cardboard and is not only very well behaved but also serves as a home for our family of owls. Making similar cardboard creations takes little time and is a wonderful way to exercise your creativity, add personality to your home and provide extra storage space.

COST: £0.00



chair Join Gulliver on his journey.

This unique chair, made from reclaimed cardboard and a set of old curtains, was inspired by the look of flowers and “Gulliver’s Travels”, the famous fairy tale by Jonathan Swift. When sitting in this chair, you feel like you are nestled in the middle of a flower while the rest of the world is super-sized.

This surprisingly comfortable artwork demonstrates that by reusing items we already have at home we can produce amazing decor for our living spaces and functional pieces of furniture at next to no cost.

COST: £6.00



plants Ahhhh, fresh air!

Many of us use heating, air conditioning units, humidifiers and detoxifiers to keep the temperature in our homes at the desired level and to purify the air we breathe. All these devices require energy to power them.

However, there is an eco-friendly alternative. By having Areca Palm, Money Plant and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plants in our homes we can start living in highly insulated homes (to retain heat in winter and stay cooler in summer) and remove the need for heating and air-conditioning. Also, these three types of plants are experts in providing us with perfectly fresh air with just the right level of humidity and removing any toxins from our environment.

COST: £6.70




Want to make your living space more airy?

Many objects around us serve a single purpose. However, to save natural resources, space and time, this artwork was designed to easily and quickly transform from being a vase into serving as a stunning coffee table.

The main structure of this artwork was made from 817 pieces of cardboard, hand-cut and finished with multiple coats of homemade glue, used coffee and indigo plant powder.

COST: £0.49



3fish Fancy something colourful for your walls?

This trio of fish, like the big blue fish on the right, were made from 100% reclaimed materials. Cardboard, sari fabric, rolled paper and even compostable food nets are the building blocks for this artwork. This eclectic mix of materials and textures are designed to imitate the beauty of fish and show the vast diversity of these species.

COST: £1.29



round Are you looking for a quirky way to add more storage space to a room?

Inspired by the look of stacked logs of wood, this collection of drawers and shelves for storing your belongings is a stunner. By creating our own eco-furniture, we can ensure that they fit perfectly into our living spaces and lifestyle.

With the use of cardboard, old newspapers, hemp string, metal washers and hot glue, this set of storage compartments can be created in no time.

COST: £9.49



bigfish Does your creativity kick in when you see lots of strange objects? If it didn’t before, then it might do now…

With the use of garden wire, can openers, newspaper scraps, sari fabric, yarn and a tiny bit of cardboard, it’s possible to create beautiful home accessories, like this blue fish.

Made from 100% reclaimed materials, this artwork shows how many of the things we throw away without thinking twice can be reused in a creative way to add instant chic and charm to our homes.

COST: £1.00



nightstand Would you think about using fabric threads to finish your furniture?

The main structure of this modern, silky nightstand is made from free cardboard sourced from a local supermarket. The wonderful finish was achieved by applying multiple layers of homemade glue with added threads of silk yarn that came from an old Indian Sari. The silk finish, when lit at night, produces a wonderful mosaic of patterns and colours.

COST: £3.70



bed Are you looking for the healthiest and most nature-friendly way to sleep?

This mattress is not like any ordinary mattress we are used to. It’s made from 100% natural and organic materials. Buckwheat hulls and cotton canvas are the two materials used. With buckwheat hulls being naturally fire resistant, there is no need for nasty chemicals to ensure the mattress is safe. Also, this type of mattress can be easily resized to fit your changing needs. When they are no longer needed, traditional mattress end up in landfills. However, the contents of this mattress can be sprinkled in the garden to provide nourishment for the plants.

COST: £101.09



wall Do you know that many of the harmful toxins we breath in everyday come from chemicals that are added to produce wall paints, varnishes for our furniture, cleaning products and even cosmetics?

These substances are not only harmful to our health but also have a negative impact on our environment.

To make our eco-haven a truly sustainable and healthy living space, The Green Attic was repainted with natural and organic paints that were made from 99% natural organic materials, solvent-free and are CO2 neutral.

COST: £89.49



stand Do you want extra storage space without buying more furniture?

This stunning piece of art shows that it’s possible to make multifunctional eco-furniture from reclaimed materials at no cost at all. This stand, created from free cardboard and old magazines, with the addition of a cardboard tube, transforms into a hanging stand that can be use for bedding and clothing whenever needed. Thanks to the multifunctional nature of this piece, it's possible to cater for our needs, even in a very cosy space.

COST: £0.00

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Eco Living is more than just an environmental project. The aim of this project is to inspire a new way of living, where our homes – filled with eco-friendly furniture – make us feel happy and connected with nature.

The entire project, from the design stage, through to sourcing reclaimed materials, organising funds and producing all the artwork, was conducted by one person – Our Greener Future founder and eco-artist, Monika Margrett.

When starting this project I knew it wouldn’t be easy to completely transform an empty space into an eco-heaven. And, I was right. I needed to do a lot of research; on many occasions I was challenged by a lack of free reclaimed materials or forced to rethink my initial designs. However, in the end all these obstacles made this project even more creative and inspiring.”

99% of the materials used in this project were either natural, organic or reclaimed.

For the last year I’ve been on a quest to send as little waste to landfill as possible. During this time I’ve learnt a lot about recycling and reusing materials. I’ve realised that many materials such as cardboard boxes, empty plastic bottles, junk mail and old textiles can be easily transformed into beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories for our homes.”

All the artwork created for the Eco Living project were inspired by nature.

I love nature and I found it an incredible source of inspiration when designing most of the pieces for this project. Who would have thought that the pulp from fruits and vegetables could be used to make a painting! Nature is so remarkable.”

To make similar projects accessible to everyone, only easily available tools were used and the entire space was fully refurbished and furnished for less than £250.

While working on this project I only used simple tools like cutting knives, rulers, pencils, homemade glue… There is little need for expensive equipment to work on projects like this one. Also, as I mostly relied on free reclaimed materials, the total cost for this project came to less than £250. This project proves that we don’t need to spend a lot of money on furnishings and that anyone can create a comfortable and truly unique living space on a budget and with simple supplies.”


Currently we are working on a series of DIY Video Tutorials to show how to make eco-friendly furniture and accessories from reclaimed materials.

If you like our Eco Living project and would like to make your own eco-friendly furniture, please let us know what you would like to make and help us create the best DIY series ever.

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