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Electricity and bottom shelves

So, great news!

I didn’t want to write about it straight away, as I am a bit superstitious (really?!), but… we got a new battery and it’s working wonders! After a few months of engine-running every single day, we can now go a whole two weeks without starting the engine even once!


Solar panels and summery flowers

The weather is helping a lot as the solar panels seem to work quite well, and obviously we do not use much electricity: only a couple of hours of light in the evening and to charge our phones, bike light etc. But the change is great.

I love summer! It really feel amazing to be off the grid and not needing to burn diesel for energy. We have four small solar panels and a bigger one on the roof (I can’t give any more info, as they were already there when we bought the boat and we weren’t even sure they worked). We are now living on just one leisure battery that we charge with the sun 🙂 and when we move every two weeks, and it really seems to be enough for our needs…


This might change when (or if?) we get a fridge. But I honestly think fridges are overrated. 😉

And 12v fridges are so expensive, too expensive! I could go travelling for a month with that money. The other options are either gas, which I would like to avoid for safety and other reasons, or 240v, for which we would need to have the inverter on all the time, draining our batteries… And, yeah, the third option: just leave stuff in a low cupboard and hope it won’t go off. It’s really not a problem in the winter, when ‘the outside’ is our fridge, but we ended up wasting a bit of food in the past few weeks, and I hate wasting food, so we are looking for a solution. If you read this post and you have one, please let me know!

Maybe we could somehow use the bottom of the boat? I am pretty sure the part that stays immersed in the water all the time must be cool even in the summer. That would mean cutting the floor and find out what’s underneath, which could be a nice adventure…eh eh I’ll keep you updated on that!

For now I think we will just get a small, second hand 12v ice box to keep at least milk and veggies refrigerated and keep using the ‘bottom shelf’ option for everything else. It works quite well actually.

And now we’ll go celebrate another two weeks without running the engine! Yay!