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Forced to move… around!

A few days ago I decided to make a list of all the things I love doing, just to remind myself…

I won’t bore you with all the entries, – ‘love getting my back scratched’, ‘go crazy for scrambled eggs’ – Uh… Don’t worry!

Writing the list I realised one of my main passions became an actual part of my everyday life since I live the life of a ‘continuous cruiser’: TRAVELLING!

Sorry for the capitalisation… but I had to convey the feeling of revelation.

Now, when one says travelling most people will think of flights, trains and exotic places, or at least of luggage and backpacks and… well, at least actually leaving one’s home. And I thought so too: my plan after graduating was to leave London, leave England, leave Europe and go travelling in the most exciting, interesting places…

Of course, I still want to do that (and I will!), but living on the boat made me realise there is a different way of exploring.


A glimpse of The Three Mills (taken while cycling!)

As ‘continuous cruisers’ we need to move every fourteen days – and no, we can’t just keep shuffling around the same area. People think this is the worst part of living on a boat… “What a hassle, it takes so long, doesn’t it bother you? Why don’t you try to cheat and stay in the same area?” Well, the answer is simple… because that’s my favourite part of it all, really! Ok, I admit it can be a hassle sometimes, but most of the time it just feels exciting. Always new landscapes, new routes to work, new shops, cafés, people.

Hackney Marshes (or as I re-named it, 'the park of decadent trees')

Hackney Marshes (or as I re-named it, ‘the park of decadent trees’)

I feel I missed so much before, when I was going places just because I chose to go there. Now, even on a lazy day cycling to work, I am forced to explore and discover… and be amazed (ok, and sometimes also be late! Ah!). Travelling became a part of my life without me even realising it at first, and it makes it so much better.

Today I discovered Hackney Marshes and the Middlesex filter beds, which have now been converted into a natural reserve (here is a link to their history… exciting!).

Hackney Marshes also have normal trees

Hackney Marshes also have normal trees

Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of the Three Mills Island, where there was one of the earliest recorded examples of a tidal mill system, so cool. I could not stop, but I will definitely go back for a visit.

I was almost getting bored of London before moving aboard… now I feel I have so much more to discover!


Middlesex filter beds

Sometimes, we forget all the amazing things on our doorstep, and we look for exciting trips to exotic locations… (I went to Cuba a few months ago before moving to Noah’s Ark, so I perfectly understand the urge!)

We end up polluting the environment with never-ending flights, and spending lots of money… when really there is so much we don’t know about the places we live in!

There is always time to make things up though… so let’s explore!