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Green Christmas

I believe I have had the greenest Christmas of my life (yet)!

First of all, of course, it was marked by our move to the boat a few months ago… But this is not all: instead of flying back home, like I usually do, I decided to go by train this year. London to Paris, Paris to Brescia. This even gave me the opportunity to spend a lovely day in Paris, visiting museums, practicing my French and walking along the Seine…

photo 4

I love trains, and not only because they are green and one of the most eco-friendly ways of travelling, but also because they are so charming… and they give you time. They make you feel the distance, invite you to look out the window and enjoy the view, they make you be friendlier to others around you and more relaxed… At least that’s what they do to me!

The presents were another green side of my Christmas. I decided to make them myself. I love this time of the year, but it is associated with so much waste, from trees to useless presents, cards… I love making things, so I decided to spend a nice afternoon experimenting with corks (Daniel works as a sommelier, so we have plenty of them!), finding the best ways to make some key rings with re-used ribbons and bits and pieces that would probably have gone into the bin… this is (a bad photo of) what came out, my family loved them! I wish I had more time to be eco-creative!

photo 1photo 2
We left the boat for a couple of weeks now, and it is quite impressive to live in a house… so much space! 🙂

But I miss the canals… and in January, when we are back, we have so much work to do on Noah’s Ark, to keep on making it as eco-friendly as possible!

I also have a few other green plans for the future… I will share them as soon as they take shape…

For now…happy green holidays!