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Home Sweet Home – Our Christmas Tree is at The Galleria

Pupils from Oak View Primary & Nursery School in Hatfield were very excited to
have their pictures taken at the official display of an eco-friendly Christmas Tree, which they helped to paint and decorate, at the Galleria last Friday.

Monika Margrett, founder of Our Greener Future, said:

I’m delighted that our eco-friendly Christmas Tree is now on display for the community to see it. Pupils at Oak View Primary & Nursery School worked very hard on this project and we hope that it will inspire the local community to become keen recyclers.

Anne Bishop, Art Subject Leader at Oak View Primary & Nursery School in Hatfield, said:

Children from many age groups worked together on the tree, and were very excited about making something that the community could enjoy. They were so interested in the idea of recycling that we have taken the project further and created other decorations from newspaper for a tree in school. The enthusiasm and imagination sparked by this project has been lovely to see.

This special eco-friendly Christmas tree has been made from:
18.6 kg of MDF board (certified by the FSC)
16.2 kg of recycled paper
760 ml of natural glue
17 meters of natural hemp string
1.6 litres of organic clay-based paint.

Monika told the WHT:

Most of us don’t realise the amount of precious resources, such as energy and water, that go into to the manufacture of everyday products. We use products and discard them without giving it a second thought.

Our Greener Future have located an information board next to the Christmas Tree outlining the resources that went into the materials reclaimed to make the tree, including the equivalent of:

54 Daily Mail newspapers for the Christmas decorations.

A 60-watt bulb switched on non-stop for a period of 69 days for the energy required to manufacture all the materials used in this project.

A 5-minute shower taken 152 times or running a full bath 67 times is the amount of water used in production of all the materials.

Some of the visitors to the Galleria shared their views about this project and recycling with the WHT.

Julie from Welwyn Garden City, said:

After living in Canada for 15 years, I am well used to recycling. I live in a flat in Welwyn Garden and often notice other tenants forgetting to segregate and recycle their rubbish. This is a shame as recycling takes no time or effort at all. We need more people to become mindful of what happens to all the things we throw away so that we have more parks rather than new and bigger landfills in the neighbourhood.

Chris from Hertford, said:

I think this initiative is a great idea. Something like this should be in every shopping centre to remind customers about how their shopping habits, and how they handle their waste afterwards, have an impact on the environment. We all have a choice of whether to recycle or not. Great idea to get the school kids involved too – our next generation’s future is likely to be determined by the decisions we make now.

Monika said:

 According to the Bureau of International Recycling, recycling paper saves 65% of the energy needed to make new paper and also reduces water pollution by 35% and air pollution by 74%. 
If every Hertfordshire household recycles only one more newspaper a week, all of us will save 109,772 virgin trees from being cut down in just one year. That’s a forest the size of 52 football pitches. 
With recycling being considered to be the most effective waste disposal method, it’s time for all of us to start recycling for a greener and better future.

After the official pictures the children were treated by The Galleria to a wonderful time playing in their jungle-themed adventure area, Get Wild, as a reward for their hard work on the project.

The Christmas Tree is on display in The Galleria on the upper level opposite iCandy until 9th January 2015.