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I’m reading on the roof…

So, our electrical system is still down! Arrrrgh.

And I am still looking for a (decent) job! Uffff.

And we also found a leak near the bed! Wow.

However, today (after sending a thousand applications!) I went out and spent the afternoon reading on the roof…


Danco on Noah’s Ark

Life is not so bad after all, especially on a day like this!

Contact with nature (and the sun!) really changes my mood.

It is positive in all aspects: it makes you feel good, it’s healthy for your body and mind and, I believe, it is ‘healthy’ for the whole planet in the long run, because it makes you care, it forces us to realise how important it is to preserve our environment.

Have I said this already? Really? Well, I repeat it! 🙂


Looking up

Here is an article I found about the consequences of our connection (or lack of connection!) with nature. A quote from it: “If sustainability can become a common thread woven into our lives, it will effectively become second nature”.

Very interesting, and it includes some more links for further research!


P.S.: Some friends came to visit from Italy, and they were amazed by our little home. I am so proud of her! And as soon as I get a good job, we have a lot of changes coming to make it greeeeen, little by little…