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It’s great to live afloat. We are slowly adapting to the life on the canals… and we love it!

One of the main reasons for which we needed this change of lifestyle was that we wanted to be closer to nature: being both from small towns, London was really starting to be too much.

And it worked out so well!

At the beginning of our adventure Bob, the man who trained us, asked me if we were going to sleep earlier since we lived on the boat. After only a week on board, I did not understand what he meant. Now I understand: living afloat makes you follow the light, it makes you feel the seasons and the natural time so much more.

In a flat it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside, light or dark. Your life is not affected, really. You press a switch, turn up the heating, and you create your bubble of daylight and warmth.

Of course, you can do the same on a boat, in theory. We do have lights and a form of heating, but it just feels different in practice. We are not separated from nature… we feel like a part of it, in the water! And we certainly are affected by it!

We rely on the daylight and on the heat produced by the sun much more; we are worried when it’s windy, and a bit annoyed when it’s raining all day (our wood gets all wet on the roof!)… And we love it when it’s sunny! But all the same we are here, affected by all the different natual phenomenons…

I am sure it is possible to find this kind of connection living on the ground… I just never had it. Especially since I live in London.

Our renewed contact with nature is not only pleasant and relaxing. I believe it defines the way we think about the environment around us, and it is transforming our attitude towards the whole planet.

As I already mentioned in earlier posts, Noah’s Ark made me realise I had to do something more for the environment, which is already a good start, and it is making me more and more interested in it every day.

If we all developed a deeper connection to nature, sustainability would be much easier to achieve. Nowadays, especially in cities, we live isolated from nature, almost disconnected from the rhythm of night and day and that of seasons… How are we going to stop the destruction we are causing if we do not even feel connected to it?

Somehow, living afloat made us develop this side of our life: the awareness that we are part of nature; that everything we do has an effect on it, and everything that happens in nature has an effect on us and our little boat!

Also, now we wake up to this, and we love it!


And at night, coming back on the canal, it is so quiet, and dark.

Luxuries you do not often find in London.