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‘NO POO’ on the narrowboat

I don’t know why it took me soooo long to write this post, as I have been experimenting with this for a while… even before moving onto Noah’s Ark!

On the boat, though, I find it perfect!

What am I talking about?

NO POO! I know that ‘no poo’ is supposed to be the short for ‘no shampoo’, but it can be applied to anything really…

If you are not familiar with the concept, have a look here. No poo is about abandoning shampoo for healthier hair…

However, I did not choose the ‘no poo method’ just to get healthier hair, which I did by the way:), but also because I was trying to get rid of as much plastic as possible from my life. The no poo method means no more shampoo and conditioner plastic bottles lying around and no more hair products full of chemicals.

There are loads of different ‘No poo’ methods, and I am not going to tell you which one to use… Everyone must do their own research and experiment to find the perfect combination for their hair. What all ‘no poo’ methods have in common is that they are natural and they usually don’t involve loads of plastic bottles…

As I mentioned, I started this before moving to the boat, but once on it I understood all its importance! First of all, all I have in my shower now are a bar of Marseille soap (bought in paper wrapping), and a small bottle of apple cider vinegar (which I fill up from a big glass bottle). That’s all I use for my body and hair (I know, Marseille soap is low-poo, but still, I love it!). Oh, and some organic coconut oil (in glass), for when I feel I need softer skin/hair. It works wonders. This means no messy bottles in the shower, especially now that our shower is, erm, tiny, this is a great advantage!

Secondly, on a narrowboat the grey water (shower and sinks) goes straight into the canal, affecting all the living things in it. I am pretty sure those living things, and the water itself, do not like shampoo, so it is super environmentally friendly (and really essential on a boat) as by avoiding plastic and chemicals you also help safeguarding your surroundings… Yay!

Honestly, I will never go back to shampoo. I do not miss it at all. Also, this method is perfect for travelling – or just going to the gym!. One soap bar (or whatever you choose to use..) and no messy shampoo/ shower gel spilled all over your clothes in your luggage… you all know what I mean.

The ‘no poo’ method It is not only healthier for yourself and the planet, but it looks and feels better to be free of plastic, have more space and not release chemicals into the canal, don’t you think? – even if you don’t live on a boat, where does your grey water go…?

Of course, you should experiment (I do it a lot) and find the right combination for your hair/skin, and this might take some horrible-hair-days, but the secret is… go natural! Eggs, baking soda, avocado, olive oil, yogurt… You’ll be surprised!

And once you find the right balance for your hair why not try to get rid of other cleaning products you don’t need and substitute them for a more natural option? Everything can be ‘no poo’ 😉

I use essential oil as air fresheners and in the Portapotti (portable toilet) water tank… Castille soap is perfect to make homemade cleaning products for all kinds of need. Why not get biodegradable sponges and toothbrushes and hair brushes

There are so many things to work on and the internet is an amazing place to find inspiration!

But trust me, try the ‘no poo’ first and see for yourself!