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Noah’s Ark and green thoughts

We bought a narrowboat. Last week, after months and months of planning, choosing and pondering… ehm…



We did buy a narrowboat… but it was the second we had seen, and actually the second we have ever been on in our lives!

Crazy? Possibly.

Her name is Noah’s Ark. I knew it would be her since I saw her on the ad on the Marina website. We are going to be moving aboard on the 1st of November. And the adventure/craziness will start.

There’s some more, though. We decided to move onto a narrowboat because we needed a change of lifestyle, we want to be more connected to nature.

London is a hard place to be. I love it, but hate it sometimes.

Researching for our new start, I realised how much greener you start thinking when you live (or, in this case, will be living) on the canal. I have always been interested in the environment: I am vegetarian, I recycle, I try to take trains instead of planes, I cycle in London, I try to save electricity and water… etc. ect. All the normal things you would do without thinking too much, without being too involved.

The ‘boat-researching thing’, however, just changed something inside me and I thought: I am not doing enough. I started volunteering for an environmental charity, and decided I am going to try, and learn to be as environmentally friendly as I can.

So here it is, ‘the blog’ I always thought of writing and never did.

Here I will share the discoveries and adventures (the pain and excitement!) of living aboard and learning to be green.

Let’s try!