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I must say… we haven’t had the best start of the year. The electric system is still not working, even after changing one battery. Apparently, there is something else going on there, but we don’t know what.

Also, we left the old battery outside for a day, wrapped in plastic, just not to bring the 30 kg inside and then out again the next day to take it to a recycling point… It was stolen 🙁

I have also been taking pretty cold showers, as I don’t want to start the engine for too long… And I got ill! Last week I was in bed with a fever and shivers wondering… ‘Who on earth made me do this!’.

Well, I guess I had to go through that phase at some point. Like wanting to have hot water and power without thinking, being able to charge your laptop at anytime. Really, I have to plan when to charge my laptop now…

However…. 🙂

As always, there is an unexpected positive outcome! Yes, I am reading a lot more rather than spending my nights watching trailers and deciding what film I want to watch! And yes, I am doing something else than sitting in front of my laptop all the time, and it’s great. This added to all the positive sides you already know, of course!

Also, we decided to buy a Morco gas water heater to solve the cold showers problem… Maybe that helps too.

And we made some little changes to our wardrobe (it was basically a mess before), so that it’s not so hard to get dressed in the morning.

Ta dam!


All the shelves are made of reconditioned wood, of course, and they look great. We bought some of them off eBay and we even found one on the canal! The hanger is also ‘homemade’ with things we had or we found.

I love our ‘new wardrobe’!


So now I am again in the ‘how amazing it is to live on a narrowboat!’ phase… and I think this time it will last!