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We’re looking to partner with Universities and Art Schools across England to showcase  eco artwork from gifted young artists in shopping outlets and supermarkets across England.  After all, this is where most of our shopping choices happen, so what better place to spread our excitement and appreciation of nature and green living!

This initiative gives art students the opportunity to work with often forgotten, recycled materials and turn them into bespoke pieces of artwork for the local community to admire.

Step 1: Forging Partnerships

Making connections and creating successful partnerships with Universities, Art Schools and artists as well as shopping outlets and supermarkets across England is the cornerstone of this programme. In the early stages, we will look to engage local councils and businesses to gain their support and sponsorship.

Step 2: One County at a Time

Our plan is to introduce this programme one county at a time, starting in the North of England. After successful completion of the local projects, we will be introducing this initiative to other regions, with the aim of it becoming available nationwide.

Step 3: Reaching a Global Audience

Following the success of the Eco Shop Art programme in England, we will be looking to bring this programme to other countries.

Photograph by Jennifer Nash © 2007. Jennifer created this piece of artwork from around 1,500 Starbucks gift cards and its original size was 2 feet by 3 feet. It took her 30 hours to complete this work for a private collector.