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Every day we all make decisions that have an impact on the environment. That’s why we believe in showcasing pieces of recycled artwork created by local artists in town centres across England, to raise interest, generate ideas and stimulate conversations around how we live our lives and our connection to the environment around us.

Eco Street Art is a sister programme of our Eco Shop Art initiative, which invites renowned and upcoming artists across England to create memorable pieces of artwork that will surprise, delight and most importantly make us fall in love with nature and green living..

Working with humble, recycled materials, artists will get the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and creativity while creating bespoke pieces of artwork for their local communities.

Step 1: Forging Partnerships

Making connections and creating successful partnerships with artists, as well as regional governments and councils across England, is the cornerstone of this programme. In the early stages we will look to engage local communities and businesses to gain their support and to raise additional funds.

Step 2: One City at a Time

Our plan is to introduce this programme city by city, starting in London. After the successful completion of our London-based projects, we will be introducing this initiative to other cities in England.

Step 3: Reaching a Global Audience

With the success of the Eco Street Art programme in England, we will be looking to bring this programme to other countries.

Photograph by Matt Gibson © 2007. A sculpture outside the Create Environment Centre in Bristol.