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All of us use paper, metal, glass and plastic products every day. However, few of us really know the history of the industries that produce them. By increasing awareness and understanding what these materials are made of and how often we use them every day, we are in a better position to make greener living choices and become even more sustainable.

In partnership with Universities and scientists in the paper, metal, glass and plastic industries, this programme aims to provide people around the world with a comprehensive information source.

Step 1: Forging Partnerships

Creating successful partnerships with Universities, and scientists in the paper, metal, glass and plastic industries, as well as working with highly motivated and passionate research volunteers, is the cornerstone of this programme. In the early stages of this programme we will be engaging  local communities and businesses to gain support and sponsorship.

Step 2: Reaching a Global Audience

Our aim is to create a virtual Timeline Exhibition accessible to people around the world. We want this to be a wonderful educational tool for the general public, schools and businesses.

Photograph by Neil Cummings © 2011. Relational Timeline – The Future in Centre for Contemporary Arts in Bristol.