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Pupils at Oak View School helping with the Christmas Tree project

On 27th and 28th of November pupils at Oak View Primary & Nursery School in Hatfield were involved in painting an eco-friendly Christmas tree and making Christmas decorations from recycled paper. They were also learning about recycling and composting.

Their work has made an excellent contribution to an environmental project organised by local charity, Our Greener Future. With a massive one billion Christmas cards being sent and about 250 tonnes of Christmas trees being thrown away in the UK every year, this project aims at raising greater awareness of the importance of recycling over the Christmas period.

This special eco-friendly Christmas tree will be on display in The Galleria in Hatfield from Friday 12th December.

Monika Margrett, founder of Our Greener Future, said:

It’s been a joy to work with the pupils and staff at Oak View Primary & Nursery School on this project. Their enthusiasm and interest in environmental issues, along with the hard work they put into making the Christmas tree a truly special one, are admirable.

The pupils were happy to share their views on how they contributed to this project.

Luke, age 7 told us:

We are making Christmas decorations out of paper because we are trying to make you think about recycling.

Megan, age 10 added:

Painting was really fun. We had to stand on our toes to reach the top of the tree. It was very messy and we got paint everywhere! The paint was organic paint made from clay and it smelt really nice.

All the pupils were very excited that their work will be available for the public to see and they can’t wait for visitors to The Galleria to see it.

The Christmas Tree will be on display on the upper level of The Galleria in Hatfield from 12th December for a period of one month.