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Summer Summer Summer!

Finally, summer is here!

I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to live on a boat in good weather…

DSCN0401To be my first summer in London (I usually go home for at least a month!)… I really can’t complain. I spend so much time outside, and the connection with the canal and nature is even stronger.

And of course, as we wanted to be proper boaters, we planted some flowers and herbs in small pots on the roof. We have been trying this since April… and now finally they are in full bloom. Lovely.

DSCN0398I am not a great gardener and this is my first ever experience, but I am so proud of it. I know it might sound silly and it’s not a big deal… but it is for me! I had flats with gardens before, but never liked this as much as I do now on the boat… It’s such a great way of connecting to nature, of rediscovering the time of nature and of having something to care for.

It doesn’t only feel great to grow herbs and plants… it also makes your home nicer, and your cooking tastier (I have two types of thyme, sage, rosemary, basil and an amazing dill!).

If you would like to read more from someone with a little more experience, here’s an interesting blog post about how plants make your life better… 🙂

The dill is incredible!!! From a seed to this in less than 2 months!

The dill is incredible!!! From a seed to this in less than 2 months!

And a little update about everything else:

  • batteries are still doing great. No engine needed.
  • Solar panels need to be checked because we think one might be broken (our new boater friend Ross said he’ll have a look at it… Thanks!).
  • We are planning to finally get the gas water heater fitted… no more cold showers in the winter!
  • Also looking for new natural fibre rugs for indoor and outdoor… have to do some research on that!

For now though… we are just going to enjoy the long summer evenings in our nature bit of London and recharge our batteries with the sun for some new eco-ideas to come!