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The Anti-Consumerism Move

We moved aboard!

In two days Daniel and I packed all our possessions and… realized they would never fit on the boat! So here it starts. We needed to get rid of ‘stuff’: things we liked but did not use, clothes we bought (especially me, I admit…) and never wore, books we read and did not like, or those we picked up at the rubbish bins, just not to leave them there… Basically, we ended up with half a dozen full bin bags, that we dropped off at our local Charity shop, hoping someone will enjoy their contents more than we did.

Once on the boat, we realised it was still too much, and made up another smaller bag; and, little by little, we are still finding things that we put in the ‘give-away corner’.

We are not depriving ourselves of essential things, or even of impractical ones! I still have one pair of shoes that I probably wear a few times a year, but still I really need them those few times a year! I have nice dresses, and loads of books that I would hate to give away.

I don’t miss all the things I got rid off; I feel lighter, I think, freer.