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The Real Question

Noah’s Ark is here!

We have prepared a few things to take on board with us, and we are just waiting for a call from Bob, who took it down for us from Braunston marina.

We are so excited!

Now, however, the real question is: …is living on a narrowboat actually greener and more environmentally friendly than living in a flat? Boom!

I have been reading a bit about it, and it seems that the general idea is that, even if you have to rely on your diesel engine for propulsion, hot water, and, in some cases, even heating, living aboard is quite a lot greener than living on land.

Here is an interesting article about this.

And of course, I will start my own personal discovery of this ‘greener boat-living-style’ very very soon!

So, we will see! For now, it seems like we made the right choice.