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Travelling from home

We had our first boat trip, yay!

Yes, Danco took some time off work, and we took little Noah’s Ark for a trip north. We started from around Springfield Marina and we went all the way to Harlow and back, under rain and sun, dropping our only windlass (twice!), and having lots of fun! All in all we spent… very little. And only used 25 litres of diesel. I worked from home as well, which is great as I could travel and work at the same time for the first time (and hopefully the first of many)!


We set off on Thursday morning and, after filling the tank, we cruised for a few hours and reached Waltham Abbey, where we had a nice Indian Dinner at a local restaurant. On Friday a friend, Thomas, reached us by bicycle and we continued cruising… It was the perfect day, sunny and quiet, until… Tomas dropped our only windlass! Thanks to the lovely boat people nearby, who lent us a magnet, we managed to get it back out of the canal and had a good laugh. At night, we had a small BBQ and stayed up chatting in the moonlight… and so many stars! I love being in the nature!

DSCN0380We went up to Harlow the next day and, as it was raining (a lot!), we went climbing indoors at the Essex Outdoors centre, a very nice climbing wall!

On Sunday we started on our way back and had a few relaxing days, enjoying some walks and pubs around the canal.



  • I managed to eat in a pub for two consecutive days and felt so British. I am getting there!
  • I also learned how to handle the boat in the worst conditions (maybe a bit more relevant than the first point).
  • We bought a magnet (which turned out very useful sooner than we expected!) and learned how not to lose hope!
  • Also, we confirmed the impression that boat people are amazing, friendly and always helpful; one wonderful person even gave us his extra windlass, saying: “You will give it to someone else when the time comes”.

Just great.


I can’t wait for the summer and for our next trips!

P. S.: The English countryside is gorgeous! And I am so happy and proud to get to discover it thanks to the its amazing waterways.