A greener future


We share only positive information about the environment, nature and green living. We strongly believe in the importance of being optimistic, inclusive and judgement-free.

We don’t ever judge the state of the environment, reasons for environmental changes, peoples’ actions and attitudes towards sustainability, or their willingness to bring green changes into their lives. 

We use the arts as a way to express our love and appreciation for nature.

Our projects, educational materials and work experience opportunities are all accessible online, meaning you can benefit from them wherever you are in the world. 

We’re here to help anyone with an interest in sustainability and green living to expand their knowledge, gain experience and to share their love for nature.  

We are a zero waste and paperless organisation. 


People and businesses living happily and operating in harmony with nature.



To inspire, educate and support people and businesses interested in adopting sustainable choices through the use of arts and positive, judgment-free communication.


Commitment, honesty, positivity, judgment-free, cooperation, and appreciation.


Chris Youd
Vice-Chairman of the Board
His 5 top strengths are: curiosity, creativity, hope, social intelligence and humour.
Monika Margrett
Founder, Chairman of the Board
Her 5 top strengths are: love of learning, creativity, perspective, judgement and honesty.
Emily Conway
Media Strategy Trustee
Her 5 top strengths are: love, love of learning,
curiosity, hope, kindness.

How we help

Inspiring People

When people feel excited about sustainable living it’s contagious! That’s why we aim to inspire as many people as possible, so that they in turn can help to inspire those around them.

Providing Knowledge

We help people learn about sustainable living, and all the exciting green changes that we can welcome into our lives.

Generating New Ideas

We provide new green ideas to those who are interested in green practices.

Helping Businesses

We help businesses to become environmentally responsible, which can not only make them more competitive, but it can also engage employees and make their lives more meaningful.

Our sponsors and partners